Update: Brantford Painters Are Now Open During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 | 1,600 views

Update: Brantford painters including us, are currently providing their services to customers in Brantford, while practicing physical distancing guidelines.

During the early stages of the pandemic, most businesses in Brantford were on lockdown due to COVID-19, and that generally applied to painting companies too.

The following was published March, 25, 2020—in the midst of the pandemic.

Brantford painters open during COVID-19This is not by choice however. Brantford painting companies would definitely like to continue working but because painting is not considered an essential service, they have to let their employees stay home, or even lay them off.

The good news is, independent Brantford painters can actually still provide their services. Although painting is not an essential service, home owners make the ultimate decision as to whether they want to have someone paint their home.

If you want your home painted, find a painters that provides their services while practicing social distancing, wearing masks and regularly washing their hands and equipment. 

Looking for a painting estimate? Well Done Painting is currently providing their services to customers in and around Brantford Ontario.

What Are Your Options?

During a pandemic, you’re not going to find a lot of people that want to let a team of painters into their home, but independent painters like ourselves have many more options.

We don’t have a big team employees to make sure are healthy and taking proper safety measures when doing their work. We don’t have to lay employees off, and we don’t have to go out of business because of a lack of sales due to not having employees. We just carry on with our work while ensuring we’re following the pandemic guidance.

The main objective of an independent painter is to make sure they’re healthy, not carrying the virus, and wearing a mask and gloves. If they’re free from the virus and in good health, there’s no reason for them to not do their job.

What Should You Do If You Want Your Home Painted?

The best thing you can do is make sure you home is clean, that you’re not carrying the virus, and you’re not in quarantine. If you have that part covered your painter can come by and do the work. Most paint jobs take about a week—give or take—to complete, so your home will have a new paint job in no time, and no one will be put at risk.

Yesterday (March 24, 2020) the Province released its list of essential services which are allowed to stay open, and keep their employees working, so we’re expecting to see a lot of Brantford business shut down until further notice.

Update: Brantford is not in lockdown, but all businesses and service providers are still expected to follow the Ontario guidelines for physical distancing, washing hand, and wearing masks while on the job. 

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