Painting Over Walls Covered With Nicotine Stains

Posted Monday, March 12th, 2018 | 15,856 views

In early February we were hired to do a home painting job of a rental property in Brantford, Ontario which was excessively laden with nicotine stains. We’ve painted over smoke stains a hundred times over the years, but we’ve never seen stains this heavy and so dispersed throughout the home as much as this was.

In the video below we just wanted to show you the kind of damage nicotine can do to a home’s walls. The people who had previously lived at the home resided there for about 8 to ten years and it’s quite obvious that they smoked in it a lot.

In the video we take you on a tour of the home so you can get an idea of the damage nicotine stains can cause, and see the end result of our work. We did our best to produce the results you will see, and we always use the appropriate paints, primers and cleaners especially in cases like these.

Watch the video below

The amount of painting that had to be done to this home was pretty extensive. It was so extensive that we decided it would take at least 2 coats of a primer-sealer which is an oil-based sealant that we use, especially on the ceilings. This was definitely a case where 2 coats of our sealant had to be applied because of how ingrained into the ceiling the nicotine stains were.

Example smoke stained walls before being paintedPlus the ceilings were made of Stucco which cannot be washed so when the damage is this considerable, applying extra coats of paint is the only option that can be used to erase the damage and make the ceilings look new again.

The walls where the same. Throughout the home the smoke stains could be found everywhere, and especially where there were hanging pictures, shelves or other ornaments on the walls or where furniture was backed up against it.

We also applied 2 coats of paint to every wall in the home as well, and as a part of our process, we made sure we cleaned up the walls as much as possible using TSP (trisodium phosphate); and we did our regular dry-wall repairs including fixing holes, taping, painting the trim and rectifying up any anomalies on the dry-wall.

The after effect was amazing

Example smoke stained walls after being paintedThe end result was truly amazing. Every ceiling in each room was super bright, clean, and looked completely brand new again.

The nicotine stains which were once so prevalent were completely gone, and the difference between the before and after look of the house was more than obvious. Before we came in you could smell the lingering nicotine smell right away by when we were done, the home smelled brand new again.

Needless to say, the home owner was highly satisfied and glad they choose us to do the work.

Rooms in the home we painted

This was a full-house painting job, the only area of the home we didn’t paint was in the basement and the garage. We painted the following areas of the home:

  • living room
  • 2 bathrooms
  • the kitchen
  • stair well walls
  • all hallways
  • 3 bedrooms and closets
  • all trim and baseboards

The paint we used was custom coloured Sherwin Williams latex paint. The customer already had a custome colour in mind so that’s what we went with. All the trim was painted with a clean pearl white coating which perfectly matched the base coating that was applied throughout the home.

The old flooring, carpeting and old closet doors were removed and replaced as well, so in the end this home practically looked brand new again. We have to say it was a truly satisfying job.

If you’re looking to have your walls cleaned and painted from smoke stains, or if you need other painting services, visit our services page for more information at the following link: – we’d be happy to help you.

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