School Painting Project – Co-Op Preschool Painting

Posted Sunday, May 1st, 2022 | 605 views

View before and after pictures of our co-op preschool painting project at the Burford Co-op Preschool and Children’s Centre. Not only did the project involve giving the school a nice new coat of paint, but they also wanted to change up the colour scheme too. The end results looked amazing. 

The small gallery below shows the previous colour and the marks and scuffs that had accumulated over the years. It’s not hard to see why the makeover was needed and wanted. The project included painting the teacher’s lounges, washrooms, hallways and student room and classes. 

As usual we did our initial prepping, some minor sanding of imperfections, and priming to get it ready. 

Before Photos

Here’s the before pictures showing the original look and feel of the classrooms etc. As you can easily see they were due for a complete makeover and we were proud to take the job! It took us just under a week to have the whole job completed and everyone was satisfied with the results. We believe management was tired of everyone having to look at the same orange walls week after week and month after month, and that’s why they choose a nice new warm blue shade of which you’ll see in the after photos below.

After Photos

As you can see by the after-photos below, the new warm blue texture really compliments the space, and is much more cleaner looking. 

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