Types of House Siding That Can Be Painted

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House siding exampleThere’s a whole lot of house siding styles available and most of them can be painted but it’s important to know your options before you pick up your brush. The following are some of the most common types of house siding that can be painted.

  1. Normal and insulated vinyl siding
  2. Natural and LP wood siding
  3. Fibre cement siding
  4. Faux stone and real stone siding
  5. Metal siding

House Siding You Can Paint

You can paint the following types of siding without ruining it. For any type of siding you decide to paint, make sure to clean the siding first and to add that extra tough make sure to paint it with primer first. 

1. Normal and insulated vinyl siding

Vinyl siding exampleRegular and insulated vinyl can definitely be painted over. You may want to consider the short and long term costs of either buying new siding or painting over it because in the long run you’ll have to repaint your siding every 3 to 7 years to keep the coat looking clean and fresh. 

Although you can paint over vinyl siding, you may want to look into the cost-benefit of simply installing new siding especially if it looks really old and worn out. 

2. Natural and LP wood siding

Although LP SmartSide siding comes in many colours, a time may come when you just want a new look. That’s normal and LP SmartSide reacts to being painted really good. Of course to keep that look you’ll have a big job to do every 3 to 7 years, the material absorbs the paint really well, and holds for a long time.

3. Fibre cement siding

Fibre cement is a type of siding that’s made from cement, sand and cellulose and comes in many colours and textures so the only reason to paint it is if you’re getting tired of the current look. It can be painted however—if it’s done right or by a professional. Fibre cement can look pretty amazing for a long time. You just have to be careful with the colour you choose so make sure to talk to a painting professional because they know what colours work well together.

You can paint or stain fibre cement siding and it won’t have any negative effect. The best part is depending on the texture you choose, a nice paint job or stain can make them look pretty good. If you’re selling your home and want to spice up your cement siding, go ahead. You’ll increase curb appeal and could possibly get more money for the sale of your home. If that’s the case, have a professional painter do the job for you.

4. Faux stone and real stone siding

You can paint both faux/Veneer stone and real stone siding. If really feel the need to make a change in the exterior of your home, you can go ahead and do it. We do advise you to really do your research and speak with a professional painter.

Faux or real stone siding usually comes in its originally chosen colour and texture but if it’s painted properly, a new coat of paint can make it look really good. Again we stress that you take your time and make sure to choose the right colour.

5. Metal siding

Aluminium siding exampleMetal siding is easy to paint and there’s no problem doing so. It won’t look extra special because metal siding is pretty smooth and you’ll only get a simple straightforward look.

The best part about painting metal siding is that you can choose whichever colour you like. You can even test paint sections of it to see whether you like the colour in contrast to your house and if you don’t you can easily remove the paint and try again. If you have metal siding, go ahead and paint it.

To Paint or Not to Paint Your Siding?

If you’re so inclined you can paint any of these types of siding yourself, but you should do a lot of research so you do it right. But if you’re not sure of your skills or you don’t have the time, hire a professional painter. They’ll make sure it’s done right the first time. 

If you live in Brantford and are considering painting the siding of your home, we can help you! Simply contact us or get in touch with us for a quote. We’d love to help!

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